5 Tips for Moving Offices in the Winter

5 Tips for Moving Offices in the Winter

As with any time of the year, you want your office transition to be as organized and efficient as possible. But there are certain precautions you’ll want to consider when relocating offices during the winter season. From snow on the ground to freezing temperatures, unexpected challenges may arise that might be better dealt with by a professional moving company. Our team at Washington Express Movers has the experience and know-how on how to face these challenges, making your office move just as efficient and cost-effective as at any time of the year! To help you prepare, we’ve compiled our top 5 tips for relocating offices during the winter.

Pack in Advance

Pack your items well in advance. Many electronics may become fragile in cold weather. Ensure they are packed properly and if need be, make accommodations for them to travel in a heated space.

Clear Entrances of Snow

Make sure entrances are clear of snow at your current and upcoming space. Even if you are not certain there will be snow, have a back-up plan coordinated with a team ready to tackle this task if need be. Also ensure there will be space available for the moving truck to park and gain access to the building. Streets can become hectic during inclement weather.

Protect your Floors

Protect your floors and entryways. Make sure cardboard or plastic is put down on your flooring to protect them from the salt, dirt, and water that gets tracked in with snow. This will also prevent unwanted slips and injuries!

Check the Utilities

Turn your utilities on! Check in with the property manager to ensure the heat and water will be running. You don’t want you or your team to be miserable while trying to unpack.

Plan with Caution

Plan your route carefully and gather an emergency contact list. This will help you stay updated with the traffic and weather of the route you’ve chosen. Make sure you have a list of necessary phone numbers with you such as roadside assistance and phone numbers of your moving team. It’s possible you’ll run into unforeseen circumstances so allow yourself some extra travel time.

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Moving in the winter isn’t easy, but with proper planning and precautions, it will be much less stressful. You can count on Washington Express Movers to relocate your business at any time of the year and feel confident our team is taking the utmost care and caution with your move. Call us today to receive your free quote and complimentary walkthrough.