Our Services

Relocation Management

Expert advice and planning every step of the way. We'll conduct on on-site assessment of your change requirements and coordinate and schedule pre-move meetings and trainings, relocation tasks, maintain deadlines and coordinate with vendors and property managers.

Inventory Control

A carefully customized plan will be made to fit your needs. We offer supply management and work with you to ensure proper organization, tracking, efficiency and storing of your items.

Furniture Management

Our direct relationship with office furnishing brands allows us to coordinate and design the desired layout of your new space.  For unwanted materials, we will take care of any decommissioning, disposal or donation services requested by your firm.

“We have used Washington Express Movers for miscellaneous corporate move and installation projects. Their team is a pleasure to work with-professional, dependable, organized and always exceed expectations. Nothing but raving reviews!”

-Kathleen, Allen & Overy


Additional Services

Relocation Project Management  Relocation Preparation & Support

We'll arrange any necessary pre-move meetings and training, and provide employee packing and move instructions, along with moving guides and planning materials. You will have ongoing support and communication with your project manager every step of the way.

Relocation Project Management  Employee & Change Management

Transitioning to a new office can become a stressful time, but through employee and change management we aim to keep communication lines open and offer a smooth transition into your new space.  We will review meetings between your team and management for quality assurance.

Relocation Project Management  Site Closure & Asset Disposition

We'll take care of the logistics with building management and coordination of closing dates. We'll review all closing and title-related documents and direct the appropriate parties for signature.

Relocation Project Management  Workplace Strategy

Along with careful consideration of furnishings, we work to align the physical office space with business objectives. We understand that functionality, equipment, and design are an important factor in experience and scheme a space that will enrich company goals.

Relocation Project Management