Our Services

Full Service Packing

Let our professional packers take care of it all! From wrapping to packing, we take full inventory and make sure each item is carefully labelled. Let us take the stress out of moving day.

Partial Packing

If you have a limited budget or feel more comfortable packing most of the items yourself, our team is flexible. Rent our moving crates for self-packing and let us handle the awkwardly-shaped or fragile items while you take care of the rest.


Our team can fully unpack your items, move furniture and boxes to the correct office, or a mixture of the two! We'll work with you to determine the appropriate layout for your new office.

“I wanted to thank your entire team for doing such a great job with our move. From the first call, initial site visit right to the last item packed your crew was extremely professional.”

-Sandy, PharmAthene 


We want to make sure all your items are protected and offer extra security for your sensitive or high-value inventory. We'll insert state-of-the-art tracking devices to all requested inventory where you can live track your items at any given time. Are you moving confidential case files, HIPAA files, high value artwork, server or IT materials? Securely track your assets anytime and anywhere!


Crate Rentals

Want to take care of the packing yourself? No worries! Rent our reusable e-crates for a flat rate of just $3/crate for 10 business days *pick-up and delivery fees will apply (based on location). Save yourself the hassle of buying and disposing of cardboard boxes. Our e-crates are stackable for easy transport, require no tape, and are virtually "crush-proof".  Schedule a time, and we'll even drop them off and pick them up when you're ready! Contact our team today for more info.


Packing Services & Crate Rental